Our purpose statement says, “Expedition Ayiti seeks to promote intercultural understanding by giving visitors an authentic experience of Haitian life and culture”. We believe that in order to connect, on a deep level, with and honor the people and culture of the country it is of utmost importance visitors experience life the way it is lived in Haiti.  This means that visitors will eat local food, sleep in Haitian homes, and shower using a bucket of water.  We believe that authentically participating in the life and culture of the place means leaving personal and cultural expectations, of how things should be viewed and done, at home.  Expedition Ayiti strives to present visitors with a learning experience.  One that will challenge deeply rooted views and beliefs, opening visitors up to a completely different way of life.  We feel it is important that people understand what to expect going into the trip and are prepared to be stretched. It will be a great experience!

Expedition Ayiti
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