When packing keep in mind that the environment in which you are preparing for is very hot during the day, but can get fairly chilly at night. Also, note that the rainy season runs from  May-July.  If you will be in Haiti during those months it is wise to prepare to get wet.




-Sunscreen and Chap Stick*

-Personal Toiletries*

    •Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, etc.

-Camp towel and wash cloth*

-Sturdy hiking boots or shoes*


    •Pants, shorts, and underwear should be moisture wicking and quick drying if possible.

    •Several changes of socks.

    •Hat, Sandals, Swimsuit

    •One light jacket, sweatshirt, or long sleeved shirt if hiking during the winter months.

    •Trash bag (for dirty clothes)

-Water bottles or water bladder**

-Personal trail snacks***

-Notebook and Pen*

-Water Purifying Hand Pump (if you have one)


-Mosquito Netting


-Pocket knife

-Insect repellant

-Hand sanitizer

-Rain Gear

-Other Personal Items

Total weight should be kept between 20-25lbs.

*It is important that you make sure to include the items marked with an asterisk when packing for your trip.  The other items we believe could be helpful but aren’t absolutely necessary. 

**We will be hiking in the heat so it is important to have the ability to carry plenty of water.  We suggest being able to carry 70-100 oz.

***The Haitian communities taking care of the group will provide two meals each day.  It is important participants bring their own snacks for lunch.  Good trail snacks include trail mix, granola bars, beef jerky, dried fruit, tuna, etc.



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