Trip Schedule*

The following are the dates for 2013

    • April 4-12

    • June 20- June 28

    • August 29- September 6


    • October 17- October 25

    • November 28- December 6

*We ask participants to fly into Port Au Prince around 9 am on the first scheduled day of the trip. If there is confusion or difficulty in following these instructions please contact us.

Scheduling Procedure

Expedition Ayiti trips will be scheduled using one of the following methods:

  1. We will set trip dates in advance and work to find individual people to fill the available spots.

  1. Individual people, who have put together a group of 6-8 hikers, will communicate to us the dates that their group would like to travel to Haiti.  We will accommodate those trip dates as long as there is no conflict with trips that have already been schedule.

Expedition Ayiti
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